Saturday, July 16, 2011

It is what it is

               I wasn’t introduced to socialism through the teachings of Karl Marx, or any other philosopher. My understanding came from definitions I’ve obtained from various sources.
I often wonder if that makes me less of a socialist to some people.
I’m trying to gradually educate myself in the theories of others for the purposes of expanding my consciousness and to better communicate my views. I honestly don’t view socialism through the lens of a Marxist, but that’s not to say that I disagree with them on what I do know of their politics. Still perhaps this, to some people, disqualifies me from being socialist. If it does; so be it. I’ve never claimed to be a Marxist and I don’t think I ever will, not that I find any fault in being one. I’m just not interested in labeling myself with the name of a Man, a man no better than anyone else, a Man I know nothing about, and have no interest in.
No one lives in a vacuum, and nobody comes up with an idea all by themselves. The first person to (or known to) articulate an idea, reached their conclusion with the help of other people. Yes, they deserve credit, but to me the idea is far more important than the individual.
My life has been all the propaganda I’ve ever needed to become a raging leftist. I revolted in group homes long before I’ve ever dared to call myself a socialist. Group homes run by private agencies showed me what capitalism was really all about. We were subliminally taught that we were destined for prison. We were cattle I realized when I was 17, to be sent to the slaughter house once we were no longer profitable. We were to be the permanent underclass. And as long as we stayed in our own neighborhoods it didn’t matter what we did, as long as it wasn’t productive.
And feminism? I can’t say I’m a radical feminist, but I did learn feminism in a radical way. I’ve seen young ladies coerced into sex, then shamed whether they complied or not. I’ve heard girls except rape as inevitable, and except “Bitch” as their designation, and rank. I’ve known women who’ve stayed in abusive situations because they had nowhere else to go. The list could go on. I choose not to ignore the alternate reality girls and women exist in, a reality created for them by a male dominated system.
I didn’t need any highfalutin book written by a so called intellectual to tell me that this stuff was wrong. And I didn’t need some philosopher to tell me that things could be different.
[In spite of what’s written here my life wasn’t very tough, I enjoyed a lot of privilege.]
Ignorance doesn’t look good on anyone, and education is the best way out of a bad situation. This is as true for the masses as it is for the individual. With that said; I fear many people are scared away from socialism because of the overly intellectual literature that promotes it. Don’t cry, I don’t suggest dumbing it down. I suggest educating the proletariat up; in much the same way a priest would eagerly teach the gospel.
So maybe I’m just a hapless delusional guy who stumbled into a realm of thought well beyond his comprehension, or maybe not. Love me or hate me, this is who I am and this is how I feel.
Join me, or stay behind, but I don’t plan on stopping.

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  1. My path was much the same... and I still haven't read Marx (or any of the other so-called thinkers)

    The best truest conclusions are the ones we make ourselves.