I go by the name NubianTribesman.
I'm a working class guy with socialist views.
Though I'm Afrocentric in nature, I am Not bigoted against any "race".
My formal education is not that impressive, but I'm no fool, or at least I don’t think I am.
I except science as the most logical method of understanding the universe, but I do have internal beliefs that are considered Pagan and Afrocentric.

NIA (purpose)
This is the platform I'll be using to display my agenda, and views.
I am interested in networking with and learning from other people with progressive or socialist views.

Who am I, and what’s this all about?
I’m often ignored, and frequently rejected.
I’m a Tribesman Looking for a Tribe in a capitalistic world.
I’m not here to debate; I’m here to connect with like-minded people, and hopefully learn something along the way.