Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cappuccino Revolutionaries

So many people claim to have these unique political ideologies that make them stand out. Some say they’re anarchist, others claim to be socialist, or some type of libertarian, or whatever. These guys talk a good game; they’re well educated in the literature of their chosen ideology. They are ready for a debate at any time, oh and you bet they’ll win. But when it comes down to actually walking the walk these politically savvy strong minded “revolutionaries”, are completely unwilling to do what it takes to make it happen.
               Inside that trendy coffee shop downtown you better believe some free thinking, most likely liberal, upstart with all the answers is debating a shill for the establishment. They’ll argue over the starving children in Africa and the starving children here in the U.S.A., at some point one will probably imply the other is a racist or something.  After destroying his opponent’s argument this free thinker will sit back and enjoy his fancy coffee beverage.
               The children in the streets are still starving.
At some point a weirdo with a braided beard will cross paths with this free thinker. Let’s say they share Anarcho-communistic and environmentalist values. Our abnormal hairy faced friend would speak of how he changed his life by putting his values into practice. Perhaps he and a few like minded people bought a ranch and now live there, completely off the grid. He’ll most likely be looked at as a complete basket case, for he's gone too far.
Having far out Politics isn’t what makes a person seem crazy in our society. Values like those are cool, but bringing them to life is seen as abnormal.
These Cappuccino revolutionaries are so cool. They adopt rebellious sounding political ideologies, read up on them, shoot they might even pick up some Ernesto Che Guevara merchandise, or a T-shirt with the letter A on it. These are some hip people; unfortunately they are completely useless when it comes to the causes they champion.
I’m tired of saying socialism and socialist, I want to practice socialism. The fact is that Americans live in a capitalistic democratic republic weather we talk about it or not.
Once when I was on the street me and some other kids pooled the money we begged for and bought food for everyone in our crew regardless of whether they made money or not. Looking back I realize we were practicing socialism of a sort. Not one of us uttered the word, or had Karl Marx on the mind, but we did what we had to do.
I guess there are two worlds of socialism; theoretical, and actual. The theoreticians spread the word, while Actual practitioners will lead by example. That is if they, (if we) have the courage to fight through the stigma and do it.
Grab a Cappuccino and discuss theory, or grab a hammer and build something; the choice is yours.