Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Collective Brain

I generally believe the collective human brain is smart enough to solve the problems of humankind, but perhaps we as a species aren’t mature enough yet.
We still oppress the minds of our brothers and sisters. We still fight to dominate each other. We still trick and lie to each other. We still hate and deny the humanity of our own kind. Our common mind is still in conflict with itself.
Join me as I ponder the possibilities of the united human mind in a fully functional state.
Perhaps when the species matures we’ll focus our mental power on spreading as much prosperity, as we do harm now. We’ll discard the selfish quest for personal wealth at any expense, then pursue and obtain true liberty. We’d be free from capitalist rule and have access to the materials we need to survive. If and when the human brain finally gets it together, we’ll be free to focus on matters of our heart. Perhaps our fear of death would diminish as we would be secure in knowing that our limited time was well spent. We’d be mature enough to let go. We’d strive to help each other. Instead of worshiping tyrants and coins; our new religion would be based in the realities of human potential, the limitations of our form, and our responsibility to the earth.
It’s said that charity begins at home, and once we get our house in order we can effectively clean up our mess outside. Even with a mature focused mind, humankind is nothing without its life giver, and we owe her a great debt as well as a sincere apology. I believe once we gain full consciousness we’ll cease being cancerous to the Earth and find our niche. We’ll realize that we aren’t the masters of the land, but instead tenants who share it with many others.
I can’t predict the destiny of the human species, but I do believe that once its mind is ready, great things are inevitable. Perhaps tribe by tribe, clan by clan, and one nation at a time, the neurons of our collective brain will start to function cooperatively.
Of course this is all speculation, but I find thoughts like these worthwhile, and I hope you do too.

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  1. You rock my world. I didnt know how to respond to your post earlier this week... it was only my place to witness and hear. But really? I want that 100th monkey moment when we all wake the fuck up and realize we are related.