Friday, February 4, 2011

Trust and Power

In the video attached to this post I briefly discuss trust and power, after a short introduction to the overall video series.
I plan on writing a more detailed article covering my views on this matter some day, but the attached video (entitled “Trust and Power”) covers my general position.
Originally this video was intended for YouTube, but I decided not to release it there. I recorded this months ago before posting it here.
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Thanks for watching.


  1. MOAR! A-1 material. You know I actually detected intelligent life in this video, Captain. Fascinating!

    Take us into orbit, Mr Sulu

  2. Lots here to think about, but I would venture one thing: Human Animals act like any animal under stressors, trapped animals, caged animals are far more unpredictable and aggressive than free ones.

    Human animals living with excess, say all food/health/economic and housing levels are met, act differently than ones under unmet levels of those things. If they have to compete for an ever-diminishing pool of resources, they resort to a more feral-animal brain, rather than a cooperative, reasoned approach. The situation of mankind today is under enormous stressors, making distrust inherent. "What do "they" want and are "they" going to snag my piece of the kill when I'm not looking?" It makes us more fangy and grrrr.

    The thing about Power, is that it needs to be disconnected from those who accumulate resources and then hold the power to distribute them.

    On another day, my cynic would be cheering you.

    But really, sweetheart?

    Imagine a world where our guards were let down, and we approached everyone as "ours" - making reciprocity the true meaning of do unto others. It is the atomization of the human species by the PTB, making us distrust one another that allows them to accrue that Power and keep it from all of us.

    Look at the leap of faith in Egypt. Coptic's marching with Muslims, holding hands with Atheists... humans all trusting one another, and trusting that they want the same things - their needs to be met, and their humanity respected.

    Now, thats not to say Fear won't raise its ugly head. I mean, every self-described group may want a seat at the head of the table, fearing that group A might get a better cut, or put down group B... we shall see how that plays out.

    In the US, thats the great white unspoken fear... "We give people of color power and they are going to treat us like we treated them!" Not to sound harsh, but it might just do some of them some good, to walk a mile in shoes that don't hold inherent privilege...

    Sorry, I'm all over the place here, I know. But man, where does it end? I trust people a LOT. I am really an open veined girl. Yeah, I get burned a lot too, but sometimes just the expectation of someone to do the right thing, the idea that someone believes in you is enough to make us be a better animal.

    If this society is going to survive a post-capitalist world, its gonna take a lot more trust....(and probably a lot of blood too)

    Of course, trust doesn't mean blind trust. You have to be observant. We are hunters by nature too, we have the capacity for being keenly aware when we want to.

    I guess the only way to address the misappropriation of Power is by Trusting in the People. And that is going to be the hardest part, when we are all slowly starving here...



  3. bloody good vid. damn you for leavin the tubes
    : P